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A Revolutionary Approach To Weight Loss!

For 5,000 years, Acupuncture has been used to treat billions of people successfully for various health problems, including weight loss and obesity.

Laser Acupuncture – “Acu-Laser” – low-level (intensity) laser has been practiced in Europe for well over 30 years with great results.

Now Available In The U.S.A.
Weight Loss Treatment Is Just A Phone Call Away

The Acu-Laser Treatment is a focused beam of light that is both safe and painless, aimed at acupuncture points, organs and other body areas, that sends signals to your brain and your body to affect desired, physiological and biochemical changes that:

• Decrease your appetite significantly
• Increase your metabolism – the rate at which you burn calories
• Reduce cravings for sweets – cake, candy, chocolate, ice cream, etc.
• Induce relaxation – decrease stress
• Promote an overall pleasant emotional state

Treatment with laser vs. needles, in addition to being safe and painless, is more favorable as the laser penetrates to the cellular level in the body, and therefore its effectiveness remains long after the treatment is finished.

In addition Auricular (Ear) Seed Therapy - the self stimulation of ear acupoints to decrease hunger and increase metabolism will be taught and can be used effectively between treatment sessions.

In short, this revolutionary program combines Acu-Laser with the knowledge you will learn about the power of food; the importance of specific exercise, the need for proper sleep and relaxation, and how they all come together to ultra-boost your metabolism – thus creating an unbeatable recipe for success in promoting automatic weight loss, your overall health & well-being and longevity.

Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Live Longer