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"The Road To A Healthier You" Weight Loss Program

This revolutionary weight loss program combines the best principles from both Eastern and Western medicine, to give you the ultimate recipe to boost your metabolism and promote automatic weight loss.

Once a week, for a minimum of 12 weeks, you will receive an “Acu-Laser” (Laser Acupuncture) treatment, as well as a key topic for discussion, emphasizing the most important up-to-date information; leading to decreased appetite, increased metabolism, and naturally-occurring weight loss. Auricular (Ear) Seed Therapy-the self stimulation of important acupoints, to promote weight loss between sessions, will be taught as well.

Learn And Understand:

  • How stimulation of acupuncture points and organ systems with low-level laser “Acu-Laser” can help you lose weight
  • How to control your appetite and how often to eat
  • Which foods to avoid and foods you need to eat to decrease inflammation, chronic disease, and the aging process
  • Why moving your body, and specific exercise, is vital to increasing your metabolism and burning calories
  • Why you need to relax and reduce stress to lose weight
  • Why the proper amount of sleep helps you lose weight
  • What organs play a major role in controlling your metabolism
  • Key nutritional terminology and information

*All sessions are private and one-on-one, or for you and a buddy, on request.

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